Our Projects

Current and past Europeana related projects, including documentation and outcomes.

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    Europeana DSI

    1 April 2015 to: 31 May 2016

    As a Digital Service Infrastructure, Europeana will continue to connect the online collections of Europe’s cultural heritage institutions. Europeana DSI is funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Trans-European Telecommunications Networks Work Programme 2014.

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    Europeana V3.0

    1 June 2014 to: 29 May 2015

    Europeana v3.0 is a project under the ICT PSP Work Programme with the aim to provide the majority of the funding required for the continued functioning and development of the Europeana central services and the Europeana Network.

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    Europeana Sounds

    1 February 2014 to: 31 January 2017

    Europeana Sounds is building a sustainable best practice network of stakeholders to aggregate, enrich and share a critical mass of audio material and increase the opportunities for creative re-use of Europeana's audio and audio-related content.

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    Europeana Awareness

    1 January 2012 to: 31 December 2014

    Europeana Awareness was a Best Practice Network to publicise Europeana at a political level, promote its use by the general public, develop new partnerships and further encourage cultural institutions to provide content

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    Europeana Fashion

    1 March 2012 to: 27 February 2015

    Europeana Fashion will provide to Europeana the most outstanding and rich materials about the history of European fashion, include more than 700.000 fashion-related digital objects, ranging from historical dresses to accessories, photographs, posters, drawings, sketches, videos, and fashion catalogues.

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    1 February 2011 to: 31 January 2014

    ENUMERATE started in 2011 as an EC-funded project. As of 2014, the project became part of Europeana v3.

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    Europeana Cloud

    1 February 2013 to: 1 February 2016

    Europeana Cloud will change the way that data is sent to Europeana, and will give researchers new tools to enrich and use that data.

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    Europeana Creative

    1 February 2013 to: 31 July 2015

    Europeana Creative is a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. After 30 months join us in Vienna July 9 and 10, 2015 for our final event: Europeana Creative Culture Jam #CultJam15

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