EuropeanaTech2015 Posters

All the posters from the EuropeanaTech 2015 conference.

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  • Tim Gardom Take to the streets! Download poster here
  • Glen Robson and Alan Vaughan Hughes IIIF in Action Download poster here
  • Tristan Roddis Presenting bilingual archival information online Download poster here
  • Maja Wettmark and Robert Engels NRK Origo/Metadata bank Download poster here
  • Vahur Puik — gamified social validation of crowdsourced geotags for historic photographs
  • Ágoston Berger, Márk Báthori and János Pancza ECK Validator – A quality assurance tool for aggregated metadata Download poster here
  • Rihards Kalnins Machine Translation for the 2015 EU Presidency at the Latvian National Library Download poster here
  • Maarten Zeinstra and Patrick Peiffer, batch decision making based on metadata Download poster here
  • Rimvydas Laužikas, Ingrida Vosyliūtė and Justinas Jaronis Beyond the Space: LoCloud Download poster here
  • Scott Renton Metadata Tagging Games at University of Edinburgh Download poster here
  • Lizzy Komen, Kelly Mostert and Brigitte Jansen Europeana TV. Open up culture, enrich television. Download poster here
  • Antske Fokkens, Serge Ter Braake, Niels Ockeloen, Piek Vossen, Susan Legene and Guus Schreiber BiographyNet: Methodological issues when NLP supports historical research
  • Niall O’Leary Let’s Go Europeana! A Visitor’s Guide Download poster here
  • Stanislava Gardasevic Metadata for Serials in Omeka Download poster here
  • Janis Ziedins Feasibility study for using machine translation technology
  • James Heald and Kimberly Kowal Case Study: Mapping the Maps Download poster here
  • Marco Streefkerk Shake before use. Dutch National Strategy for Cultural Heritage Download poster here (licensed under CC BY-SA)
  • Lyndon Nixon and Lotte Belice Baltussen Linking related art objects with a cultural heritage TV program using the Europeana API Download poster here Free Access No Re-Use (for more information click here)

All posters licensed under CC BY-SA license, if not stated otherwise.

Image:Národopisná výstava českoslovanská 1895, courtesy of, Public Domain.