Task Forces & Working Groups

Do you want to shape tomorrow's cultural digital practices? Then why not set up a Task Force. Do you feel there’s an ongoing activity of ours that you would like to participate in? Find out whether there’s a Working Group you might be able to join.

Task Forces are set up to allow our members (with the aid and supervision of the Members Council) to take on specific subjects or areas of common interest to the digital heritage field and Europeana’s Strategy 2015-2020. They run for a limited period of time (usually for six to nine months) and result in the delivery of a set of recommendations on their subject.

Task Force recommendations help improve Europeana’s annual working plan (Business Plan) bringing it as close as possible to the needs of the digital heritage sector. Feel free to contact any of the current Task Force chairs to ask them about their activities, or browse through the deliverables of the past ones. You can read more about the work done by last year’s Task Forces in this blog post.

Task Forces can be proposed and joined by anyone from the Network Association. If you’d like to submit your own Task Force, read the Terms of Reference, fill in the proposal form and submit it to the Members Council for reviewing via this email. For more information please contact Gina van der Linden.

Working Groups

Working Groups are set up to address ongoing activities and issues of continuing relevance of the Europeana Network. There is no limited timeframe for Working Groups; they can remain in existence whilst there is a need for them. Working Groups are proposed and led by a member of the Members Council (MC); membership is by invite-only. Current Working Groups are:

If there are topics you think should be tackled by a Working Group, please read the Terms of Reference and get in touch with the Councillor who best represents the scope of the issue. For more information about Working Groups in general please contact Ylva Klaassen.

A Deauville : danseuses sur la plage. French National Library, Public Domain