10:00 — 16:15

Smart Cities4Culture workshop

Convitto della Calza
Piazza della Calza
6 , 50125 Firenze

This -invite only- SmartCities4Culture workshop as part of the annual Major Cities conference in Florence will be organised by Europeana, the City of Florence and the Ministry of Culture in Hamburg.

The workshop aims to set up the framework for SmartCities4Culture network.

This network will bring together interested professionals from Smart Cities across Europe and serve as an expert forum of cultural policy makers to explore relevant areas of common interest, exchange best practice solutions and cooperate in joint projects. The envisaged network will facilitate the relationships between regions with different cultural, societal, and economic characteristics by federating the access to digitalized cultural assets across Europe, ingesting as much as possible into the Europeana repository for its reuse where needed.