13 — 17
00:00 — 00:00

Hackathon for Art History and Information Science

The Institute for Art History at Ludwig Maximilian University
Zentnerstraße 31
80798 München

A five days International and interdisciplinary Hackathon for Art History and Information Science.

Cultural data analysis and visualization are important methods and research fields both for art historians and information scientists.

Thus, the goal of this Spring School is to bring art historians and information scientists together to work on data. Art history is on the brink of new research methods. Qualitative research is being augmented with digital methods.

While the traditional approach of art history is to compare single artworks and place them in the historic context of the history of art (close viewing), the computer can process and compare whole databases with millions of images which allows new insights into collections and oeuvres (distant viewing).

Art historians have always used data – visual data. The slide library has been the resource of reproduction from original artworks. With image databases in use that contain digital visual data, that information can be subject to computer aided analysis.

This is an opportunity for art historical research and will impact information science as well. This Spring School is a Hackathon to propel interdisciplinary research at the intersection of art history and information science.

The Spring School intends to develop a digital workflow with an interdisciplinary group of students and researchers. The aim is to practically show the potential and perimeters of data analysis in the visual Digital Humanities and at the same time theoretically reflect on the mixed methods used. Therefore, alongside skills and tools, a reflection on the methods – how quantitative methods add (not substitute) to qualitative methods – will be an integral part of this event.