Let us help you turn your idea from a concept into a real business with our short series of video guides.

  • Introduction to the guides

    Creating a business is not as hard as you would imagine but to have a chance of succeeding in the longer-term you need to understand the fundamentals of business. We’d like to help you by introducing the main steps and concepts needed to develop your business. Our guides introduce the fundamentals of business to help you turn your idea from a concept into a real business. Begin your exploration by reading about them in this introduction.

  • Guide 1 - Business models

    What is a business model and how do the common models work?

  • Guide 2 - The Business Model Canvas (BMC)

    How do I use the Business Model Canvas to contextualise my idea?

  • Guide 3 - Business strategy

    How and why should I create a business vision and strategy for my business?

  • Guide 4 - The Business Plan

    What is a business plan and how to I create one for my business?

  • Guide 5 - Access to finance

    What kind of financial support options are there for my business?

  • Guide 6 - Making the pitch

    How do I develop a pitch to attract investment for my business?