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Jill Cousins

Jill Cousins

Executive Director

Armed with the vision for Europeana as a Digital Service Infrastructure for Europe, Jill tries to coax cultural heritage to transform the world with culture. A revolutionary at heart, she loves change and new ideas. Her role is to ensure the long term sustainability of the Europeana ecosystem while also being able to drink copious cups of tea.

Speaking at

  • 7 — 8
    09:00 — 17:30

    DISH 2015

    3012 CL Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the biennial international conference on digital heritage and strategies for heritage institutions. DISH2015 will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The main theme for DISH2015 is Money and Power.

  • 1
    10:00 — 16:15

    Smart Cities4Culture workshop

    6, Italy

    This -invite only- SmartCities4Culture workshop as part of the annual Major Cities conference in Florence will be organised by Europeana, the City of Florence and the Ministry of Culture in Hamburg.

    The workshop aims to set up the framework for SmartCities4Culture network.

  • 29
    09:00 — 18:00

    Collections Trust Conference 2016

    Lambeth, UK

    Collections Trust Conference 2016: Who needs digitised collections?

    Who wants our collections digitised, and why? Where should we focus our efforts? And what kind of content should we be creating in the first place? Around the world, museums of all sizes are digitising their collections and making the results available online in increasingly joined-up ways.


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