Governing Board of Europeana Foundation

Europeana is owned by the Europeana Foundation, a Dutch Foundation. It has a Governing Board, which meets four times per year to set strategy and policy and review plans against goals and objectives. The members of the Board are legally and financially responsible for the activities of the Foundation, as such they also act as the Steering Board for all major projects funded by the European Commission. They are responsible for the appointing of the Executive Director to carry out on their behalf the work set out in Europeana Strategy 2020 and the yearly Business Plans.

The Governing Board consists of 19 members:

- 2 members appointed by and representing the Founding Members,
- 6 members appointed by Europeana Network Association form its Management Board,
- 4 members appointed by the Governing Board as representatives of European Associations of Content Holders,
- 4 members appointed by the Governing Board as representatives of fields of expertise required to deliver the Europeana strategy,
for a period of 2 years.

- 3 members as representatives of the European Union Member States holding the Presidency of the Council, the preceeding and the succeeding presidencies, rotating every 6 months and each on the Governing Board for 18 months.

The Governing Board appoints the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer from amongst its members.

The Governing Board may appoint observers who can attend all the meetings but do not have voting rights. The observers may be appointed:

- by nomination and approval of the majority of Board members,
- to represent the European Union Member States (preceding and succeeding Presidencies),
- as former members of the Governing Board,
- as a representative of the European Commission.

Founding Member

  • Hans Jansen

    National library of the Netherlands
    Director of International Relations, Head of Research Department
    Treasurer of Foundation Governing Board
  • Agnes Magnien

    l'Institut national de l'audiovisuel
    Directrice déléguée des Collections
    Foundation Governing Board Member

Network Association Management Board Member

Representative of Content Holder Associations

Representative of Specific Fields of Expertise

Member States Representative

  • Etienne Ferrito

    National Archives of Malta
    Finance and IT Manager
    Foundation Governing Board Member
  • Jana Kňažková

    The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
    Foundation Governing Board Member
  • Mirjam Rääbis

    Estonian Ministry of Culture
    Advisor on museums
    Foundation Governing Board Member


  • Laurence Engel

    Bibliothèque nationale de France
    Foundation Governing Board Observer