Europeana Statistics Q 1 2017

Web traffic, social media & third-party platforms

A decrease of the number of impressions of end user products due to Google de-indexing.

An explosive growth of impressions on social media in January thanks to our partnership with GIPHY and a few winter-themed GIFs going viral and achieving 49 079 654 views.

The number of pages indexed by Google keeps on dropping, which has a negative impact on organic traffic on Europeana.

Organic traffic on Europeana end-user products is affected by the drop in the number of the indexed pages in Google. Yet, we were able to achieve growth between February and March thanks to activities on curated products.

The engagement on Art & Music Thematic Collections is much higher than on Europeana in general. The engagement on Europeana 1914-1918 is slightly higher than on Europeana in general.

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