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Press release - Technical, cultural and creative sectors unite to open up digital cultural heritage

Fast moving technological developments have revolutionised how we access our rich past. Today our cultural heritage presents developers and data modellers with constant challenges - including demands for high resolution content, rights cleared material for creative re-use and immediate access to audio and film. The answer to these and future challenges of storing and exposing our digital cultural heritage in cost effective and innovative ways will be shared by leading technical experts, developers and researchers in Paris at the 2nd EuropeanaTech Conference at the National Library of France On 12-13 February 2015. 

Saving Serbia's forgotten WW1 family stories

Citizens of Serbia urged to contribute to the unique online WW1 archive Europeana 1914-18

The Royal Library of Belgium and Europeana are saving forgotten WW1 family stories

Belgians urged to bring their personal stories to collection days at The Royal Library of Belgium and contribute to unique online WW1 archive Europeana 1914-18

Opening the digital door to European cultural heritage

Spanish citizens are invited to explore, learn and create with Europeana

Gothenburg picture wins Europeana's digitisation competition

The winner of Europeana´s photo competition in Sweden held over the summer is out: Kerstin Namuth and her photo from the historic area Gamla Älvsborg in Gothenburg. The idea was to get Swedes to photograph historical buildings, monuments and sculptures in their country, thus helping in their digitisation. As a result, Swedish culture would be accessible online worldwide and saved for future generations.

Europeana, the Austrian National Library and Google join forces to make Europe's cultural heritage more open

One of the world's most important historic book collections, from the Austrian National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek,, will be made freely available to the public via thanks to the library's digitisation programme and Europeana’s introduction of a new rights statement.

Welcome to Europeana Professional, where librarians, curators and archivists share digital expertise.

Things will soon look a bit different around here as Europeana Professional gets a major makeover. The website was set up in 2007 to support the Europeana Foundation, communicate with the Europeana
Introducing the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Europeana Network Association   Last year you heard Europeana commit to put the Network at its heart.  Members of the
Europeana has published a new set of recommendations to increase the use of Europeana content in the tourism industry. These recommendations set out the changes in thinking and behaviour needed
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The Europeana Foundation is the operator of the Europeana service, including the search portal at and related data services such as the Europeana Application Programming Interface (API) and the Linked Open Data pilot. The Foundation is governed by an Executive Committee and Board, and employs full-time and part-time staff.

The Europeana Network is an open, expert forum comprising content holders and aggregators along with providers of technical, legal and strategic knowledge.

Our services are under constant development by content and technology projects, collectively referred to as the Europeana project group.

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  • Aggregate – We are building the open, trusted source for European cultural content
  • Facilitate – We support the cultural heritage sector through knowledge transfer, innovation and advocacy
  • Distribute – We make heritage available to people wherever they are, whenever they want it
  • Engage – We cultivate new ways for people to participate in their cultural heritage

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